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Clinical Motivation

Clinical Motivation offers support, guidance and a holistic equipment of the Home Health Aide through our unique animated series with content targeting all areas of a care-giver needs. Social, Mental, Clinical, Language and technology.   With Value Based Care as the new  approach to health care & care-giver turnover at an all time high, Home Health Aides require relevant content and the option to reach a team who can support them in their journey.

 Stop loosing your care-givers! Let Clinical Motivation empower the lives of your care-givers TODAY!

Relevant & Engaging content for All HHA's

Real based stories, real solutions and real Nursing guidance!

  1. Technology 
  2. Social services
  3. Mental Health 
  4. Clinical Empowerment  
  5. Personal Growth 
  6. Caring for My Body 
  7. ESL 
  8. In-service Content  

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Your HHA's receive access to the Clinical Motivation content and to the team!

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Program by Care-givers for Care-givers


Care For Home Health Aides

 The Clinical Motivation Approach was created by a Registered Nurse after over 12 years of Community Nursing Clinical experience.   The  Clinical Motivation Organization fills a gap  in the home care industry providing supportive continuing education and empowerment coaching to caregivers.   Clinical Motivation seeks to partner with the home care industry leaders to continue making every aspect of Home Care better. 


A Breath of Fresh Air...

Clinical Motivation seeks  to provide Home Health Care Agencies with a competitive edge  in the  industry ;  Instilling a combination of educational competence, passion & compassion in each Home Health Aide that joins us. Satisfied and empowered Home Health Aides will lead to improved quality, happy patients and  company growth. Never underestimating the power of the “word of mouth” advertisement.   

Quality Care begins with Caring for the Care-giver

 We are bringing an old concept back to Home Health care, the power of patient retention through good old compassionate care; this compassion is shared first with our Home Health Aides who deliver the care, this culture then shines and disseminates to each patient. 



Adding Value to Value Based Care

  • Decrease HHA turnover 
  • Decrease Patient loss
  • Increase Patient Care quality 
  • Increase Patient and HHA retention
  • Be a powerful recruitment tool, increase HHA Applicants
  • Prevent Hospitalizations with adequately equipped HHA's
  • Polish Your Company Culture among your Home Heath Aides
  • Full-fill  wage parity law, providing HHA State mandated Benefits 
  • Fulfill DOH requirements for HHA continued education and In-services 
  • Improve Clinical & Language Proficiency English/Spanish
  • Decrease preventable Admissions through adequate HHA reporting. 
  • Motivate your Aides to grow within your organization and bring More Aides and patient referrals. 
  • Introduce your Home Health Aides to State Home Health Care Advocacy lifting their voice in benefit of the Home Care Industry


A Real Connection

Clinical Motivation was developed as an interactive Program while working with thousands Home Health Aides throughout New York City who felt disconnected, undermined, unmotivated and uninspired. Many  care-givers lack the education and sense of empowerment that is required to produce the outcomes expected in the home health care industry.


Empathy, Compassion and Quality Care are learned behaviors

We all know the importance of competent caregivers, Clinical Motivation coaching will help your Home Health Aides become passionate about your Company's story, purpose, vision and mission. Your Home Health Aides will learn how to leverage technology and team relationships into the future feeling great about the work that they are doing, both for themselves and their patients.

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For more education on how Clinical Motivation is improving Home Health Care and how to involve your home health aides and how your wage parity company can incorporate the Clinical Motivation Program as an Agency benefit please contact us and we will get back to you soon with more information.

Clinical Motivation "Caring For Care-giving Teams"...

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